Universal Studios

Universal StudiosNot long ago, Wayne Prudhomme,  the pest management supervisor at Universal Studios in Orlando thought that there was something wrong with the fact that they regularly used pesticides in an area that was generally teeming with children.  Without any particular directive, Mr. Prudhomme began to convert the care of the turf and ornamental trees and shrubs around the park to a completely organic approach using the BeeSafe system.


Harvard University

Harvard In 2008 Harvard University completed the “Harvard Yard Soils Restoration Project” and essentially reinvented organic lawn   care.  With a closed loop composting system that generates “compost teas” that match up specifically with the blueprint of the soil the project allows turf to reach it’s genetic potential naturally.  BeeSafe has been thrilled to help supply biologically active sources of Nitrogen to project over the years.  Yes, the most famous “Yard” in the world is one hundred percent organic.


Triangle Park at Rupp Arena

triangle_park_optThe home of the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the “Centerpiece of Lexington Center” in Lexington, KY, Rupp Arena has a capacity of 23,500.   Whether going to  a basketball game, the circus or a concert rolling through town, each and every attendant of an event at Rupp Arena walks through a completely organic park thanks to Frank Gaydovchik and his company Mr. Greenthumb, a Certified BeeSafe Applicator.



Lawrence Academy

Lawrence AcademyLawrence Academy is a historic and elite private school in Groton, MA with a grounds that is like no other in it’s class.  When Carole Figgins, the schools turf manager, decided that she would take it organic she did so because she needed to achieve the best results possible.  What she didn’t realize was that she was a ground breaker in her profession.  On any given day you can find students on “The Quad” enjoying a lawn that is created using the BeeSafe Program.


City of Scarborough, ME

ScarboroughWhat happens when a group of passionate activists gain traction in their city?  They pass an ordinance restricting the use of pesticides on any municipally maintained turf.  For the past three years the entire City of Scarborough has been completely organic and with incredible results thanks to Dave Melevsky and his company Go Green Landscaping, a certified BeeSafe Applicator.


City of Dover, NH

DoverNHFollowing in the footsteps of it’s neighbor to the north the city of Dover, NH has begun a project that will introduce organic turf care on several of it’s most popular parks and athletic fields.  The organic initiative here was introduced by a dedicated activist, Diana Carpinone who runs a group called “Non Toxic Dover, NH.”  The hope is that the initial pilot projects will grow into a city wide policy.


Portland Sea Dogs

Sea Dogs

Maintaining a professional baseball stadium requires one thing and one thing only at any and all costs;  perfections.  Several years ago the Boston Red Sox AA Affiliate in Portland, ME became the first professional stadium in the country to go organic and they did it using the BeeSafe Program.


Upper Providence Little League

eco greenWhen the Upper Providence Little League in Audubon, PA decided that they no longer wanted to use chemicals where their kids played baseball they knew exactly who to call.  Dave Walsh and Ecogreen Lawn Care, the local certified BeeSafe applicator told them he could get the job done and keep the kids safe!




New Hampton School

New HamptonAn elite, private, boarding school in the “Lakes Region” of New Hampshire, The New Hampton School understands the importance of “image.”  While the powers that be insist on an impeccable landscape, the sustainability coordinator Rebecca Joslin knew that they were using too many chemicals.  In 2014 the school implemented a  plan that will eliminate the use of all toxic pesticides by the conclusion of the third year.



Portland Head Light

Portland HeadThe most iconic lighthouse and one of the most iconic landmarks in the country is surrounded by turf that is maintained completely organically using the BeeSafe system.  This site represents an enormous challenge not only because of the constant traffic but the proximity to the sea water as well.